Top 6 Mobile App Trends You Should Use for Your Business in 2019

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Top 6 Mobile App Trends You Should Use for Your Business in 2019

Top 6 Mobile App Trends You Should Use for Your Business in 2019

Business applications are already aplenty, with many entrepreneurs already knowing the value that mobile apps bring to the fore.

Anyway, to stay on top of the game, every business owner must know different mobile app trends so that they can integrate some new features to keep their customers satisfied.

Here are some of the top app mobile trends you should use for your business this year:

Breaking Out of the Mold

There is no doubt that augmented reality, as well as VR, are going to be mainstream features in mobile apps. The reason why it is going to be enticing is that a lot of people want to gain that immersive experience that only these two technologies can bring.

The success of Pokemon Go is a telltale sign that business owners should look into incorporating the said features into their mobile apps.

In fact, some famous mobile apps are slowly implementing the feature within its base such as Facebook’s own Messenger App, Instagram, and even Snapchat. So, if the big companies are doing it, why shouldn’t you?

Slash the Mundane- Chatbots


There are a lot of routine and mundane tasks in almost every industry out there and what better way to make it easier for both the owners and the mobile app developers/employees alike than to implement an automation feature such as chatbots.

Since the implementation of chatbots, a lot of people are actually liking it. The chatbots can be tailor-made to suit the personalized needs of every consumer and the human employees can just focus their efforts and tasks on other things.

No Installation Required

Announced in Google’s IO reference in 2017, Instant Apps have paved the way for a more robust and “instant” solution.

Normally, a user would have to install applications to their mobile devices, but instant apps work like portable software on the PC- it doesn’t require any installation at all!

So long as the application is compatible with your device, you can run it without ever touching your phone’s internals.

No More Wallets


I’ve had my fair share of “dumb” days before where I will leave my wallet just about anywhere and forget where I put them. Yeah, I know! Those were the times.

However, I can pay for stuff now without using an actual wallet as there are plenty of applications that would help you pay with a virtual account. No more physical wallets! Now, all you have to do is to integrate such a feature in your mobile app.


Accelerated Mobile Pages is a relatively new technology that helps improve page loading speeds when using a browser. By implementing this technology in your mobile app, you will definitely make your customers happier since they don’t have to wait a while just for everything to load.

The Forthcoming of the new “G”

5G is expected to roll out this year, but we won’t see it as a mainstream thing until 2022-2023. Still, it would be wise if you take advantage of the new technology now, right?

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