Some of the Top Mobile App Development Trends that Will Dominate in 2019

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Some of the Top Mobile App Development Trends that Will Dominate in 2019

Some of the Top Mobile App Development Trends that Will Dominate in 2019

According to Statista, mobile app development is expected to generate more than $190 billion in 2019. How could this industry achieve that? Well, by making sure that the applications that are created this year would follow new industry trends.

Which trends would most likely dominate this year? Read on to find out some of the top mobile app development trends that will make huge noise in 2019.

Smarter Things

The Internet of Things is a fairly new technology that assimilates a lot of interconnected devices in one network. It connects to the internet and you can utilize its many features thanks to its interconnected nature.

Since its implementation was just a few years ago, there is still not a lot of IoT supported appliances and devices that are in homes and offices today. But, different manufacturers are already making huge strides to deliver this kind of technology to the masses, so it is only fitting that mobile app developers focus on this thing as this will become the trend for many years to come.

A New Era of AR/VR


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two AI technologies that are usually associated with the robotics and gaming industries. However, they are not only limited to these two industries as app developers are making it a point to use the said technologies in other areas as well.

To help kickstart the integration of both AI technologies, Google and Apple took it upon themselves to release AR and VR demos that app developers can use. Try asking your web developer if their mobile app development packages cover the cost of AR.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Chatbots used to be limited to huge companies that can afford their implementation but this AI feature can actually be integrated into many applications too. Chatbots help automate some repetitive processes, allowing you to shift your employees to other departments that would require more human intervention.

As for machine learning, this feature helps make things more personalized to the end user. There are already a lot of services that make use of this particular technology and we are only going to see more and more applications that have this integrated into the system as well.

Cloud Would Be the Technology of the Future

Cloud Technology

Even though many people still seem to think that cloud technology is only reserved for the wealthy, this is actually not the case.

In fact, cloud computing technology is available to the general public thanks to the integration of such features by the many app development companies worldwide.

It helps both businesses and personal users alike. It helps organizations by reducing the costs in hosting their services, it provides a much better loading capacity, and it also makes business operations easier for the users.

This technology also helps the general public by bolstering their phone’s defenses against unwanted attackers. Cloud technology helps immensely with regards to the user’s data as it is housed in a secure online server.

We can also expect to see more and more applications that integrate really well with already existing cloud services.

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