SEO Copywriting: 5 Steps to Make Sure Your Web Content Ranks in Google

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SEO Copywriting: 5 Steps to Make Sure Your Web Content Ranks in Google

1. Begin with a relevant, informational keyword.

It may appear simple, but keywords may be a bit difficult to deal with, most especially for beginners. Remember to always write a blog post around a main keyword. This is very important. Moreover, don’t waste your energy and time in producing an epic post about a particular topic if it is not the type of content that your target audience would love to see.

2. Delve deeper into search intent.

Knowing and understanding what kind of content your target users are searching for is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn from the most successful platforms. Understand how the most successful websites ended up at the top of search engine results pages. Surely, they are there for a reason. This may be a bit difficult, since there are tons of ranking factors that come into play. Just Dive into user intent.

3. Learn from the top-ranking web pages.

Components such as exposure and behavioral factors impact page rankings in the search engine results pages. At this point, you goal is to understand why some pages rank high. Always be in the lookout for bad and good points relating to comprehensiveness, accuracy, readability and relevance. If you think you need some guidance regarding this, there are lots of reliable SEO optimization services in Malaysia that you can consider.

4. Look for a unique angle, and then draft your first blog post.

No matter what topic you want to write about, it’s guaranteed that there are already million posts online about that topic. Now, how can you write a unique material? If your content is not unique in some specific way, you wouldn’t rank, and no one would link to it.

5. Write an engaging intro.

Depending on the overall quality of your website introduction, people would decide if they would keep on reading or not. You need to trigger their curiosity and gain their trust. Intros vary a lot, depending on search intent.

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