How to Use Cloth Diapers More Effectively?

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How to Use Cloth Diapers More Effectively?

There are so many different types of baby diapers out there already, but they pose a threat to the environment because some are made out of plastic and there are some that make use of different chemicals that can also harm nature.

There is now a global initiative that encourages parents to use cloth diapers instead. Today, I am going to talk about them and how you can use it more effectively.

Why There Are Cloth Diapers?

Before I start, I want to talk about cloth diapers and why they were created in the first place. There are plenty of baby diapers out there and they all use chemicals and plastics that can harm the environment.

There is now a global initiative that encourages the use of items and materials that are eco-friendly, which is why there is a push for the production of cloth diapers.

Even though they may lack some features that are present in more established diapers of old, they are actually much cheaper and does the job really well, albeit you have to change it more often than not.

With that out of the way, the next sections will revolve around some tips about cloth diapers that you need to know about.

Try Them Out

Even though cloth diapers are cheap when they are sold per piece, most parents would want to opt to buy the biggest pack they can find pretty much for convenience purposes. But, before you head out and buy a huge stack, it might be feasible for you to let your baby try it out first.

You want to make sure that they are comfortable wearing them. Fortunately, there are a couple of styles that you can choose from:

  • Pocket- They consist of multiple layers. It contains a water-absorbent outer layer, a pocket opening that has enough room for you to insert a soaker, and an inner layer that contains a drying component.
  • Pre-Fold- These diapers are rectangular in shape and they are usually divided into three sections. They are also enclosed in a snap-fastened diaper or you can use safety pins in this regard.
  • Fitted- This looks and feels pretty much the same as disposable diapers. The only difference is that they are fastened by a Velcro strap.
  • AIO- The all-in-one is a diaper with a waterproof outer layer. Its design resembles that of the fitted version.

How Many Should You Buy?

First-time parents may not know exactly how many diapers they need to buy. Well, that depends on how old your baby is. Newborn babies would usually require about 10-12 diaper changes. Toddlers, on the other hand, would require about 8-10 on average.

Wash Them

The beauty of cloth diapers is that they are washable. To properly clean them, you want to set the cycle on hot- making sure that you are using a mild detergent.

For you to be able to make use of it on your baby, you have to wash them a couple of times. If the cloth diaper is made out of cotton, washing them 4-5 times before allowing your baby to use them would suffice. For hemp diapers, you may need to wash them a total of 10 times.

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