How Much Does a Client Have to Spend to Develop and Maintain a Mobile App?

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How Much Does a Client Have to Spend to Develop and Maintain a Mobile App?

Business owners want to have an app created for their business. They want to know exactly how much they will spend, but actually getting the exact cost is not that cut-and-dry. You see, mobile app development involves a multi-step process and each process might be too tedious that would require additional manpower and resources to do.

In this article, I will talk about the processes that are involved in mobile app development so that you will understand why getting the exact price of app creation is not that simple to attain.


Before the ball is set rolling in mobile app development, the development team would have to undergo market and technical research to find out the best things they could do and implement to make the best application for their clients.

They will conduct market research which involves looking at the niche the client’s app would be in to find suitable features they can add or remove. They also have to conduct research based on the best user experience of such applications as well as how to make an application that people would pay for.


In this stage, the mobile app developers would have to deliberate about the app’s complexity. First, they would have to think about what deployment architecture to use. They can either use a custom one or a Business-as-a-Service model.

Next, they would have to think about possible integrations they can make with other existing services such as social media integration and integration to payment channels (if the client wants to create an m-commerce app).

Lastly, the developers and the client should be on the same page as to the idea of in-app purchases and if that is the payment model that the client wants.


There are 5 different categories of applications and each app category would require a different capital. The categories are:
Social Networking-
popular examples of this would be Facebook and it makes use of the device’s many hardware capabilities to deliver a good networking platform.

Stand Alone-
these apps do not require any hardware feature and do not even require a network to run.

these apps require a lot of money to make (not to mention the time that it needs to be developed). That is because this type of applications satisfies three users: the person using the app, the person delivering the service, and the business entity itself. The UI benefits all three users which makes it more robust than any other app category out there (which also makes this type of app more expensive than the others).

an m-commerce app allows business owners to let customers buy from them at any time. Such apps would require a payment mode integration as well as a robust payment protection module.

an enterprise app is used by businesses to streamline their operations. Primarily used by employees in an organization.


There is more to app development that meets the eye, which is why getting an exact quote from the development companies is not that easy. There are so many things to consider, factors to think about, etc.

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