Downsides Of Social Media And Networking Channels

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Downsides Of Social Media And Networking Channels

While social media platforms have assisted us in many aspects of our lives, one most prominent being it as an effective marketing tool used by top-notch social media and marketing in malaysia, it is about time we shed lights on their downsides in which most of us may have already been aware of, but have yet to take actions. It is undoubtedly harmful for us to resort to social media as an escape from our stressful regular lives; however, are we using it at the expense of ourselves and others? If you happened to be a social media regular, this article does not aim to undervalue the advantages it brings, but to also enlighten you on its significant disadvantages, therefore easier for you to strike a balance without putting your own self and others at stake.

social media and marketing in malaysia

Prone To Identity Fraud

While we gain full autonomy to express our own thoughts and feelings, and publicise our pictures on these platforms visible even to people from the other side of the globe, it is crucial that we be extra mindful of the information and pictures we put on our platforms respectively. Bear in mind that there are culprits who survive off identity fraud by stealing your pictures and relevant information, then create a separate account imitating your identity, and most terribly, scam your connections for monetary gains. If you do not wish for that to transpire, reduce the frequency of information or photos sharing, basically anything that lets the others pose as your identity. 

Explicit Content 

While most social media platforms and networking channels filter out explicit content that are not supposed to be circulating within their platforms, however there exist such channels like Telegram who are generally poor in filtering out explicit media in a timely manner. V2K is a huge chat group in the application Telegram with a large number of members who are all guilty of pornographic materials including nudities and child pornographies which are not only unethical but unlawful. As terrible as it may sound, the group is not removed by the platform because it has breached the policy but because they received countless reports petitioning to bring it down. Imagine if no one is courageous enough to lodge a report both within the application and the authorities, would Telegram be ethical enough to distinguish between the lawful and unlawful and thus taking appropriate action towards the administrators and members of the group. 

Bottom Line

While we make use of social media and networking channels to connect with our connections, it is important that we are always vigilant of what we put out there for exposure because not everyone is ethical and kind enough to not use them for unlawful purposes. 

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