5 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know

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5 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know

1. Dive Watches

Whether or not you are a diver, having a diving watch is a must for many men. It is a prolific watch style that caters to men. Obviously, accurate timekeeping is important even if you are several feet under water. There is only a limited supply of air, so every minute is crucial. The result? Divers always wear superior timepieces. In turn, these watches are also bought even by non-divers.

If you are thinking of getting a titanium or stainless-steel watch, don’t hesitate to get a diving timepiece. There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia, but this one would never go out of style.

2. Racing Watches

Racing watches are not bound by uniformity, and are a lot flashier. If you want to have tons of exotic styles and colors to choose from, go for this style. Just remember, the flashier your timepiece is, the more casual and simpler it becomes. Learn how to dress accordingly.

A good racing watch always has a tachymeter and chronograph. A tachymeter is a kind of bezel utilized to make distance and time calculations. A chronograph, on the other hand, is timepiece with a separate stop watch function.

3. Dress Watches

If your profession centers in the corporate world, you need a good dress watch. The sole function of this style is to compliment formal wear or a business suit. So, what is the most important feature to check when dress watch shopping? One thing–simplicity. This is not the best style for those want a lot of watch complications.

A dress watch must be proportioned well to your wrist. If not, it will just draw attention to itself, something a watch like this must not do.

4. Field Watches

A traditional field watch must have a quality stainless-steel case. The time in a field watch must be easily readable, even in night and low-light conditions. It has white numbering, and high-contrast black dial. As for the watch band, it’s usually leather or canvas. If damaged, it can easily be changed.

5. Aviator Watches

Back then, the timepieces worn by pilots were just repurposed field watches. Overtime, brands started to develop timepieces with specific aviation functions. Are you just starting your watch collection? An aviator watch deserves a spot in your collection.

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