10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

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10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

How can you encourage your website visitors to keep in touch, and to purchase from you? Are you getting enough traffic, but very few conversions? Several factors can contribute to this issue. Even website application development and the design can have an impact on their choices.

Below are 10 aspects that you should consider when designing your webpages.

1. Trust Symbols

Show off your business’ trust symbols. Do you have a PayPal certification logo and Yelp badge? If you have them, and other industry-related seals and symbols, feel free to share them on your website. These trust symbols, together with testimonials, can spark trust and credibility between you and your potential clients.

2. Free OffersFree Gift by kc7rwx

Are you offering some items, free of charge? Don’t forget to include the word “free” in your copies. Explain to your customers why you are giving it away for free, and how you can proactively satisfy their needs.

3. Short Forms

At some point, and in some areas in your website, you will need to incorporate some forms. Take note that various potential customers wouldn’t want to give their last names, states and cities. They wouldn’t give out important details just to score a free download. Keep everything short—just ask for their first names, zip codes and email addresses.

4. Virtual Chat

At this modern age, most people prefer virtual, real time chats compared to talking over the telephone. Having a virtual chat option can increase trust and credibility.

5. Headlines.

Catchy, huge headline text can capture a user’s attention in merely a second. Make sure your headlines can also address the concerns of your potential clients. Put the solution in bold.

6. White Spaces

A cluttered website looks cramped and ugly. Excessive elements can confuse users, and drive them away.

7. Color

Before finalizing the theme and color scheme of your website, do some research first. You should also consider your target market. What color would work well with your audience? In case you are targeting women, incorporate the colors green, purple and blue. For men, it should be black, green and blue.

8. Videovideo camera by evilestmark

Product video can typically improve conversions and sales. Some businesses report an increase of around 144%. Service-based companies, or B2B firms, can also utilize videos to share stories about their differentiators.

9. Convenient Use

Remember to put all the significant details above the fold. A lot of people would choose not to scroll down, and hunt for the details that they need.

10. Clear UVP

What is your business’ unique value proposition? Just in case you don’t know it yet, then you that is a problem. Contemplate on your UVP, and make sure that is properly communicated to your audience.

Bonus: A/B Testing

Plenty of website design standards are proven. However, each business type and industry will somewhat vary. Test small changes in your website once in a while. Experiment with text colors, button colors and other element placements.

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Jamie Silva